Anant Ambani Health History Explained : Weight Loss Journey

Anant Ambani Health History : When we hear about Anant Ambani, we often think of him as the youngest son of Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest men in the world. But Anant has his own story, especially about his health, which is really inspiring and something we can all learn from and sympathize with.

Asthma Problem when Anant Ambani was 2-Years Old

Anant’s doctor, Bariatric surgeon Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, revealed that Anant’s struggle with obesity began in his childhood and that he was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 2.

anant ambani weight loss history history

Anant had a tough start when it came to his health. As a child, he suffered from severe asthma, a condition that makes it hard to breathe. To treat this, Anant had to take lots of medicines, including steroids. These medicines are strong and helped him with his asthma, but they had a side effect: they made him gain a lot of weight.

Anant Ambani’s Struggle with Obesity

Because of the steroids, Anant gained a lot of weight by the time he was a teenager. He weighed around 208 kg at one point. Imagine being in school and dealing with such a challenge.

anant ambani health history

The doctor mentioned that Anant’s 2016 weight loss was not achieved through short-term solutions. He followed a diet of less than 500 kilo-calories and exercised regularly, which initially led to significant weight loss. However, the same strategy was less effective when Anant tried to lose weight the second time. Dr. Lakdawala explained that when the body is predisposed to obesity, it tends to return to its previous weight.

Anant Ambani Weight Loss Journey

Anant Ambani’s Health Journey:

Age/PeriodHealth ChallengeEffort and Outcome
ChildhoodSevere AsthmaTreatment with steroids, leading to weight gain
Teenage YearsObesity (208 kg at peak)Struggle with weight due to medical side effects
18-Month Transformation PeriodWeight Loss JourneyRigorous exercise and diet, resulting in a loss of 108 kg

Anant Amabni had reached a point where he weighed about 208 kg, which also made it hard for him to exercise and increased his hunger. Despite these challenges, Anant decided to change his life. He worked really hard, exercised for 6 hours every day, and changed his diet. This wasn’t easy, but Anant was determined. After about 18 months, he lost an incredible 108 kg, which was a huge achievement.

Nita Ambani about his son illness

In the TOI interview, Nita Ambani expressed, “…We are still fighting obesity. There are so many children who have this, and mothers feel shy admitting it. But I think you have to motivate your child to lose weight, as the child looks up to you all the time. Both of us went away to Los Angeles for some time to a children’s obesity hospital so I could get into a routine with him.”

Anant Ambani being thankful to his Parents for support in Health Crisis

anant amabni health history

Anant Ambani expressed grateful note to parent in pre-wedding, “I have faced many health crises since childhood but my father and mother have never let me feel it. They have always stood by me and my father and mother have always made me feel that if I can think then I can do it. And that is what I think my father and mother mean to me and I am eternally grateful.”