Radhika Merchant and Rohan Malhotra : Ex or School Bestfriend?

Radhika Merchant and Rohan Malhotra : A wild claim on Internet is circulating online regarding past of Radhika Merchant‘s alleged Ex-Boyfriend. It is said that Radhika Merchant had boyfriend as she was in relationship with Rohan Malhotra around 2013. Let us get to know more about both of them.

Who is Rohan Malhotra?

rohan malhotra radhika merchant

Rohan Malhotra the name is trending only after a Reddit user and Twitterait shared pictures from 2013 of Radhika Merchant with Rohan Malhotra. Viral picture points that Radhika Merchant was dating Rohan Malhotra in 2013.

Rohan Malhotra is followed by Radhika Merchant on Instagram and also by Janhvi Kapoor. Looks like he is someone from really big shot business family.

Viral Photos of Radhika Merchant and Rohan Malhotra

The viral photos from 2013 shows Radhika Merchant and Rohan Together in one picture. One of the photo has ‘Love Youuu’ comment of Radhika Merchant on Rohan Malhotra’s post.

Facebook comments of Radhika Merchant on Radhika’s Picture
radhika merchant rohan malhotra
Photo from 2013. Rohan, Radhika and Anmol
Anmol, Rohan and Radhika in Pre-Wedding
Rohan Malhotra with Radhika Merchant

Is Rohan Malhotra really an Ex of Radhika Merchant?

Rohan malhotra was invited in Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani’s pre-wedding, which clearly indicated that Radhika and Rohan are really Good friends right now. Also, Rohan performed dance with group of friends in pre-wedding.

Talking about past, one can’t confirm whether he is Radhika Merchant Ex boyfriend or they were bestfriends in real?

Social media users found out these pictures and as Radhika seems very close with Rohan in these pictures, users are guessing Rohan Malhotra as Radhika’s Ex. But, no one knows the actual facts.